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Noble marzipan from from the Ohde Berlin manufactory

Rixdorf marzipan and the finest chocolates.

When you think of marzipan in Germany, you don’t think of Berlin. In fact, Berlin-Neukölln is one of the two largest production sites for raw marzipan in the world! Berlin could even be called the world capital of marzipan and has been for over 160 years. The fact that marzipan from Berlin has an ever-growing fan base is not least due to Hamid Djadda, who founded the “sweet start-up” Ohde in Neukölln in 2017. The entrepreneur came to Germany from Persia, the motherland of marzipan, at the age of four, grew up in Hamburg, studied in the USA, founded several successful companies, including a crystal glass company, which he ran in Thailand, where he also lived for 20 years. Today he is a Berliner by choice and would like to make the fine marzipan from Berlin-Neukölln world-famous with Ohde. It seems to be karma that marzipan was invented in Persia of all places in the 8th century.

Rixdorf marzipan cubes

Individually wrapped chocolates made from the finest Cru Classé marzipan – the Rixdorfer cubes from Ohde Berlin. Noble creations, interpreted in a classic or modern way, are the special companion for sensual moments full of pleasure.

Acht feine Cru Classé Marzipanpralinen mit Vollmilchschokolade überzogen – ein Glücksbringer…


Acht Cru-Classé Marzipanpralinen mit extra hohem Süßmandelanteil unter hauchzarter…


Acht Marzipanpralinen mit buttrigen Salzkaramell-Splittern, von zarter Vollmilchschokolade ummantelt.…


Acht Marzipanpralinen aus vollmundig-fruchtiger Schwarzkirsche unter sahnigem Schmelz aus…


Acht Pralinen mit brasilianischen Arabica Kaffee unter Cru-Classé Marzipan…


Acht Marzipanpralinen mit feinherber Säure von der Sanddornbeere von…


Sechs verschiedene Rixdorfer Marzipan Würfel mit Frucht, Salzkaramell und…


Acht verschiedene Rixdorfer Marzipan Würfel mit Frucht, Salzkaramell, Kaffee…


Exclusive Collections

Noble praline creations seduce the senses and ensure royal moments of pleasure. Experience the feel for the craftsmanship of Ohde Berlin. Quality and purity of ingredients in exquisite compositions and creative design.

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